Adopt a Startup™ for Christmas

Support the Italian ecosystem
of sustainable innovation

Welcome Innovation

The Program

From today you can actively participate in the development of one or more startups that have been selected from LifeGates Way ecosystem.

Adopting a startup allows you to support a path of both growth and training, increase the potential for positive impact and create an innovation opportunity within your company.

The startups we have selected have already been validated by the market and by investors, and therefore represent a concrete opportunity for innovation.


Adopting the development of a startup is like opening an area of innovation within the company.

The seed of Innovation

What are
sustainable startups?

Sustainable startups are companies that combine the ambition to change the world with the aim of doing so with respect for people and the planet, while maintaining economic competitiveness. 

Concrete Impact

Effective support towards entrepreneurial activities with strong environmental and social impact.

Corporate Innovation

Possibility of introducing new innovative models within your business.

Get to Know the Market

Possibility to investigate new frontiers in simple ways with and economic approach.

Sustainability Balance Sheet

Implementation of disruptive and innovative projects within your CSR activities.

Incentive Training 4.0.

High number of government incentives for internal training and skill enhancement activities.

The package

What is included in the “Adopt a Startup” package

FOr the company

Scouting, research and identification of SDG target startups

Research and selection of the most suitable sustainable startups for the company’s needs within the LifeGate Way ecosystem (300+ startups).

Preliminary contact with the realities involved and definition of the objectives of the shared path.

for the company

Communication Kit

Support the initiative with effective communication towards transversal stakeholders. Thanks to the experience gained by the LifeGate group the communication will be directed to a community of over 5 million users.

Creation of communication packages for the needs of your company.

Some of the services included are: logo, adoption certificate, digital content, texts and images of the project.


Adotta una startup

For the startup

“Sustainability 10 e Lode” Workshop

Educational and engaging co-creation approach.

LifeGate Way has created an innovative tool for approaching sustainability issues dedicated to start-ups capable of involving and opening a dialogue between all stakeholders on the vision of sustainability.

A deck of cards divided into values, trends, objectives and actions with the budget variable guiding the dynamics and strategic choices.

adotta una startup

for the startup

“People Project”: Founders training and acceleration path

Accelerate teams and individual talents.

The team is one of the most delicate and valuable ingredients for a startup: it is the engine of the entire machine, if it doesn’t work well everything else stops too.

The People Program works both for individual people and on group dynamics to facilitate exchanges and prepare them to welcome new talent as the team expands.


Some examples of Sustainable Native Startups within our Ecosystem


Startup that operates in the green tech sector and produces modular origami photovoltaic panels.

Founded: 2021

SDGs: 7, 12.


Startup with the mission of making gaming truly accessible to anyone, regardless of eyesight impediments.

Founded: 2019

SDGs: 10, 11.

Health care

Circular startup that transforms by-products from a line of BIO apple juices into unique and innovative raw materials.

Founded: 2021

SDGs: 8, 12, 13.


Fashion tech startup that solves the “I don’t know what to wear” problem through AI and manages to recommend the perfect outfit.

Founded: 2019

SDGs: 5, 9, 12.


It is a young eco-sustainable brand that works to improve the relationship between humans and the environment thanks to innovative products and services.

Founded: 2021

SDGs: 4, 11, 13.


The first fantasy football app in the investment world. It allows young people to understand its logic through gamification. 

Founded: 2021

SDGs: 1, 4, 8.

Should we start innovating together?


Visionary Pitch

LifeGate Way realizza costantemente ricerche e monitoraggi sui maggiori trend in grado di influenzare le richieste di mercati in forte evoluzione. 

Attraverso un incontro in presenza presenteremo la nostra raccolta di stimoli e trend nazionali e internazionali sul futuro dell’innovazione e gli scenari della sostenibilità a una platea composta dalla startup adottata e dalla corporate di riferimento.

L’obiettivo è quello di ispirare e di farlo in modo concreto attraverso una presentazione supportata da slide in grada da un lato di solleticare la mente e dall’altra di portare esempi internazionali di modelli innovativi che integrano la sostenibilità come con «must have».

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